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Tech information

Waterproof RATING

Our StableSkin Jacket has a waterproof rating of 15,000+mmHH. 

bead teal.jpg

two Way ykk zip

Every StableSkin features a two way YKK front zip with a branded zip puller. Our two way zip offers full temperature control.


Over sized hood

Our hood is oversized, zipping right up to your chin with a protective flap over the zip.

It will safely fit a riding hat underneath without moving or letting wind/rain inside. 

The hood also features 1.5 inches of the jackets outer material inside the hood. This makes sure you stay fully protected from the elements. This also features on our velcro cuffs.

hood (1)_edited.jpg

Breathable Fleece

Sherpa Fleece is knitted in a way that allows moisture to wick away, giving it, its breathability. 


Hidden Side zips

StableSkin is not just for riders, our side zips are hidden so they will never be on show if you don't need them.
Ideal for dog walkers, festivals, camping enthusiasts, rambling or even running! The list is endless. 

Side zips, leg straps, waterproof riding jacket

Stableskin Pockets

Our Jackets have 2 outer soft fleece lined deep pockets. 

Our internal small safety pocket is branded with our logo. This pocket fits your mobile phone and other small accessories. It has has a slot for your headphones so your wires aren't on show.


Our larger A4 internal pocket is large enough for a flask, water bottle, snacks. Great for storing horse passports while walking to the secretary tent on a rainy day!


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